By investing in routine vehicle maintenance, you can extend the lifespan of your car while ensuring that it functions at peak condition. What’s more, regular service appointments can help you identify red flags and avert potential maintenance issues, ultimately avoiding the need for more invasive or expensive repairs down the road. At the top of the routine maintenance checklist is the engine oil change, something that all vehicle owners should have on their radar.


What should you know about getting your vehicle’s oil changed? And how do you know when you’re due to make an oil change appointment? Here are a few words of advice from the service team at Feyer Ford. If you have any follow-up questions, don’t hesitate to call our service center directly.

What to Know About Your Vehicle Oil Change

Know your manual. 

First and foremost, it’s a good idea to review your car’s manual. It will tell you not only what kind of engine oil it needs, but also how regularly you should be having the oil changed. If you don’t have the owner’s manual anymore, you can usually find a downloadable copy online, or just contact our service center for a recommendation.

Keep your eye on the dashboard. 

Most newer vehicles have an engine oil light that comes on when your oil life gets low, usually around the 10 percent mark. Be alert to this, and if you see that light come on, it’s your engine’s way of telling you that you truly need to schedule a service appointment soon.

Check the dipstick. 

It’s very easy to check your own oil level using the dipstick. We recommend doing this once a month. If your oil level is low, add a little engine oil, making sure you select the oil type specified in the manual. Or you can make an appointment with us — we’re happy to help out.

Monitor oil color. 

Even if your engine oil isn’t low, it may be dirty. Healthy oil usually has an amber or honey color, but if your oil is dark or dirty, that’s a good sign that you’re due for an oil change.

Don’t put if off. 

Engine oil plays a significant role in lubricating your engine and mitigating both heat and friction. Without sufficient oil, you are in real danger of engine degradation, which can be a complicated and expensive fix. Simply getting a routine oil change will help you avoid this.

Get Help With Your Next Oil Change in Williamston, NC

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